live event artist


I’m one of the UK’s few live event artists, drawing on my 20 years expertise and using my fast, fluid style of painting to create original portraits in real-time.

I love to paint live to truly capture the style, spirit and energy of an event. 

In a digital world where everything is virtual and everyone has seen it all, my mission is to create unforgettable experiences and artwork that people will treasure forever.

My style of painting is inspired by fashion illustrations so it’s more about the body and clothing – capturing an impression rather than detailed reality. It tends to appeal to creative people that have an eye for fashion, art and beauty.

Here are 7 things that got me to where I am today:

Born to a flamboyant tailor

My glamorous mum would only ever wear high heels and she didn’t think anything of wearing her colourful creations in the school playground. When I was a child she made all my clothes. We would discuss the design and then I would choose the fabric in the shop. So much fun.

Dutch born

Dutch people are famously open-minded, entrepreneurial with an innovative approach. I am typically Dutch. My parents owned two shops next-door to each other and we lived above one. It was exciting and it taught me a lot about business.

Born to a psychic barber

Spirituality is something I grew up with and it is simply part of my everyday life. As an artist you tap into invisible energies and I am very aware of that. It is so inspiring when you think about it.

Born to an incredibly large family

With 41 uncles and aunts and 44 first cousins you can imagine how deafening and fun family gatherings are. People were always coming and going when I grew up. I am blessed with three lively young boys myself.

MA in Textile Design

After I graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague I undertook an MA in Textile Design at Winchester School of Art. I love colour, pattern and texture and I have a very broad skill set when it comes to textiles. I believe this comes through in my paintings.

BBC Radio 2

I was invited to paint the guests on Dermot O’Leary’s BBC radio show and I had a fabulous time painting the artists while they were performing right in front of me. I am so lucky to do a job that I love and to be able to combine all my favourite things in life!

I Love Winchester 

England’s old capital, the birthplace of the English language and a beautiful and inspiring city to live in. I came in 1998 and after all these years I never get bored of riding my bike through this historic city. I feel privileged to live here.